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We are delighted that you are thinking of getting married in one of our beautiful churches.

(Please read all the ‘Wedding Fees’ information below and the ‘Important Information’ before sending your completed forms to us)

Couples living in the Parish of Ipplepen, Torbryan, Denbury, Woodland or Broadhempston but having their marriage ceremony in a church elsewhere, will need to have their banns read in the parish in which they live and also in the parish in which they are getting married.  They should complete only the ‘Banns Application Form’ and email their completed form to

Please see this information:

2024 Banns Fees and Information from Jan 2024 to Dec 2024

2024 Parochial Fee Information

Banns Application Form

Weddings Application Form and Banns Application Form

Couples that would like to hold their wedding ceremony in one of our beautiful churches in the Beacon Parishes Mission community (Ipplepen, Torbryan, Denbury, Broadhempston and Woodland) will need to complete both the ‘Wedding Application Form’ and the ‘Banns Application Form’.  

Wedding Application Form


(Note: These forms are ‘fillable forms’ if opened on a PC or android device)

Please complete both of the above forms and email these to both

Reverend Andrew Down will then contact you to arrange an initial wedding meeting.

At your initial wedding meeting, Reverend Andrew Down will need to see your identification, usually your passport. This document explains alternatives if you do not have a passport

Identity requirements

Please note that if you live in a Parish outside of the Beacon Parishes Mission Community then you will also need to send a further banns application form to your local Parish Church as your banns will need to be read in both the church in the parish in which you live and also read in the church in which your wedding ceremony will take place.   The Church in the Parish in which you live will charge a fee of £54 (2023 fee) for reading your banns and providing you with a banns certificate.

Wedding Fees

Following your initial wedding meeting with Reverend Andrew Down  (soon after submitting your application forms) , we will request a £30 deposit to book your wedding.

The balance for the remaining wedding fees (excluding payments for the Organist, Bell Ringers and Church Representative) will be due one month prior to the date of your wedding ceremony.

The fees for the Organist, Bell ringers and Church Representative should be brought along to your wedding rehearsal (usually one or two days prior to your ceremony) and handed the Church Representative to pass to those individuals.

2024 Parochial Fee Information

BP Wedding Fees from Jan 2024 to Dec 2024

Please note that we do not have a design and printing service for your ‘Order of Service’ booklet so this is something you will need to arrange.  If you would like the below ‘Order of Service’ templates to be emailed to you in ‘word’ format, please request these from

Wedding Order of Service Template Full Version

Wedding Order of Service Template Short Version

Important Information

The Church of England has a great website to help you make your plans –

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 12.10.26 (3)

Please note that banns need to be read in the parish in which you are getting married and also in the parish in which you live.  Please see this useful link:

First you need to make sure you can get married in the parish church (i.e. you are ‘connected’):

The couple is connected if:

One of them:

1  lives in the parish

2  is on the church’s electoral roll

3  has at any time lived in the parish for a period of at least 6 months

4  has habitually attended normal church services in the parish church for a period of at least 6 months

5  was baptised in the parish

6  was prepared for confirmation in the parish

one of their parents; at any time after they were born:

7  has lived in the parish for a period of at least 6 months

8  has at any time habitually attended normal church services in the parish church for a period of at least 6 months

one of their parents or grandparents:

9 was married in the parish.


10 they have been granted a Special Licence

If you do not live in the parish, you need to complete the Qualifying Connection Form

Qualifying Connection form

If one of the parties has been married before you need to talk to the Rector; there is an enquiry using this form

Marriage in church after divorce

Important information for your Witnesses

Could you please advise your witnesses, that when they sign their signatures on your marriage document on the day of your wedding, they will need to:

  1. Write their full name clearly with their SURNAME in capitals
  2. and also then sign it with their signature.  

as this will be the document that the Register Office uses to produce your final official marriage certificate.  Therefore, how their name is clearly noted on the day is how it will appear on your final official certificate. 

Applying for your Marriage Certificate from May 2021

We will provide you with a temporary unofficial ‘Congratulations’ certificate on the day of your ceremony which will be signed by the Reverend but you will still need to order your formal legal certificate. 

Following your ceremony, the Reverend will forward your signed Marriage Document to the Register Office.  You will then be able to order your marriage certificate directly from the Register Office.

There will be a fee of £11 for this which you will need to pay directly to the Register Office.  Please note this is the new method, from 3rd May 2021, for obtaining your certificate. 

If you are not an internet user and instead wish to apply for your certificate by post, please send a cheque to the value of £11, made payable to ‘Devon County Council’ with a covering letter to:  Copy Certificates, Great Moor House, Bittern Road, Sowton, Exeter, Devon, EX2 7NL.

For further information,  please click on the link:

C of E Marriage Schedule Leaflet


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