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Prayer for the Nation

Click on the image below for details of prayers you may wish to use:

What to do if your preacher does not turn up

Prayers to know by heart   

Some books on prayer

Lord Teach Us to Pray

Andrew has put together a document for help and guidance on prayer. Click on the link Lord, teach us to pray or image below:


The contents of the document are:

1              Praying on behalf of others

1.1          General weekly cycle of intercessions

1.2          Local weekly cycle of intercessions

2              Seasonal Intercessions

3              Prayerfully reading the bible

4              Prayer in action – two ways to prayerfully reflect on our lived experiences

4.1          Reflecting prayerfully on a specific experience or event

4.2          The Examen

5              Praying through the day – the canticles of the daily offices

6              Various Prayers

Pray for Lebanon            


Please find a link to a short film to aid people’s prayer for Lebanon at this time – thank you Rachel for the song.

Easter: A Festival of Love

This year we celebrated Easter in our own homes and in difficult times we still celebrated the great festival of God’s love. From sundown on Maundy Thursday to sundown on Easter Sunday we celebrated the great mystery of God’s love in the person of Jesus. Andrew put together a set of prayer resources for people to use in their homes to celebrate the Easter season:  ‘Easter: A Festival of Love

The contents are:

1              How to pray with this resource

1.1          Reading scripture prayerfully

1.2          Prayerfully reflecting at the end of each day

2              Maundy Thursday

3              Good Friday

4              Easter Eve – Holy Saturday

5              Easter Day

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