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Read – Meditate – Do 

-    inspiration from The Lord’s Prayer, click on link

A prayer for Yemen 

Giver of Life, 
Who hears the cries from Yemen;
of mothers choosing between medicine or food,
of parents grieving children lost to starvation,
of those who have given up everything in hunger.
Hear our cries for hope, for change, for peace

In your mercy,
Break political deadlocks,
Soften hardened hearts,
Change closed minds,
Open unhearing ears.
 Let people come before power
Let life be holy again
Let your justice and peace 
Shape the nation of Yemen
And the lives of all people

A song for you

Our Rector, Andrew, enjoys writing songs and here he is singing his own composition Kyrie Eleison in the beautiful church of Holy Trinity Torbryan



A photobook of St. Andrew’s 700th celebrations

This has been recently published (thankyou Judy Dewhirst!). There is a copy in church, but it can also be viewed by clicking on the image below


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