Lent & Easter

Palm Sunday             8am                Holy Communion                                                     Ipplepen

17th April                    9.15am          Parish Mass and procession of palms                  Denbury

11am              Family Communion with Procession of Palms     Ipplepen

6pm                Evensong                                                                  Woodland


Wednesday               7pm                Compline and Address                                           Ipplepen

20th April


Maundy Thursday   1000                 Mass                                                                         Denbury

21st April                    7.30               Sung Eucharist                                                        Ipplepen


9pm – 12midnight    Vigil of prayer                                                           Denbury


Good Friday              1000               Family Service                                                          Ipplepen

22nd April                   12noon          Walk of Witness                                 begins at St Andrew’s

2pm                Family Service                                                          Denbury

2.30pm           Devotional Service                                                   Denbury

2pm                Devotional Service                                                   Woodland


Easter Eve                 8.30pm           Easter Vigil                                                                Denbury

23nd April


Easter Day                8am                Holy Communion BCP                                              Ipplepen

24rd April                    9.15                Parish Mass                                                              Denbury

11am              Family Communion                                                  Ipplepen

4pm                Evensong                                                                  Torbryan

6pm                Easter Communion                                                  Woodland


Easter Monday         1030               Easter egg hunt                         Gurrington House Woodland

25th April



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